An inside look at management consulting between jobs or as a second career

An inside look at management consulting between jobs or as a second career

Anyone considering consulting as part of a job search strategy or potentially rewarding career can now take a peek behind the curtain of consulting before making the fateful decision.

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“ Looking at consulting from the client’s point of view is what you’d expect from a marketing professional, and in Rasputin For Hire Goodman does just that. All consultants need to understand the ‘make-or-break’ importance of marketing to succeed — even if they’re not marketers by training.”

Juan Negroni —
The Conference Board, IMC, ACP, NSA

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“The Rasputin connection is brilliant! And every one of the 26 lessons from Rasputin is right on in today’s consulting environment.”

Vern Nielsen, EVP, Crossflux Inc.

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“A comprehensive and practical guide to consulting, Rasputin For Hire is a must-read for anyone considering consulting temporarily or as a profession. Great guide for your professional development library.”

Julie Jansen, Consultant, Coach, and Author of
I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It’s Not This

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“For anyone considering a career as a management consultant, Rasputin For Hire offers a practical framework for creating a successful practice – and plenty of tips for seasoned consultants.”

Frank Kuchinski, CMC
Secretary Institute of Management Consultants
Connecticut/Westchester Chapter

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